Failed firmware update

Today when I opened my Android Lifx app v 3.4.4, it advised that there was an update available my Color 1000 bulbs. I attempted to do the update but it failed on all the bulbs. They went offline and so I attempted to do the update from the desktop app v 1.10. This appeared to complete successfully on only 1 of the bulbs after I turned them all off and back on. The one bulb showed 1.13 in the desktop updater. I then turned if off and on again and it won’t come back online. I then tried doing the update one bulb at a time, but they all fail. I tried hardware resetting the bulbs, but they just flash dim and bright white. They act like they are in rescue mode, but I’m unable to connect to the rescue mode SSID from a computer. The bulb continues to connect to the main wifi and I can ping them ok, but every time I attempt an update from the desktop app, the bulb drops offline. I’ve opened up a support case #177807 with the desktop app log.

Has anyone else seen this issue? I haven’t had any other issues with these bulbs until now.

I’ve raised your case directly with the firmware engineering team. They’ll discuss this further.

We haven’t yet had any other customers report this to us, so I think its unlikely you’ll get a response here.

That said, if anyone else has seen this please raise a support ticket and comment here. Firmware flashing failures are rare, so we treat them very seriously.


I received the following back from support.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear that you are running into issues with your LIFX Bulbs!
You are correct in that the latest update has in fact caused some issues with a few people’s bulbs.
I can also confirm that your bulbs have been removed from your LIFX account which will definitely cause connectivity issues.

Just to confirm, after performing a Hardware Reset are you able to go through the on-boarding/setup ( Basically setting up the bulb as a new bulb)?


Ah my mistake. I’m actually the Cloud Team Lead, and I must have missed this bug going to the firmware team.

Either way I’ve reported your case to our firmware team, they will work closely with the support team to sort it out.


I was able to get all the bulbs back online. It seems there is a bug in the rescue mode code. When the bulbs failed to update and they looked like they were going into rescue mode (dim/bright slow flash after powering on), the LIFX RESCUE MODE SSID never started up on the bulb. Since the bulb had been configured for wifi before, it was remembering those settings and so simply connected to the main wifi. At that point, I couldn’t update the bulb and it wouldn’t connect, but I could ping it on the wifi network.

To fix this, I turned off my wifi and then rebooted the bulb. This time, when it couldn’t connect to the main wifi, it then started up the LIFX RESCUE MODE wifi and I was able to directly connect to it and then run the updater tool.

The bug seems to be that when a firmware fails, the bulb doesn’t start up the rescue mode SSID, but rather connects to the previously configured wifi if it’s available. The bulb shouldn’t try to connect to the previously configured wifi but instead go straight into the rescue mode wifi so that it can be remediated.

Please pass this along to the firmware team.

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I’ve sent this post to the firmware team. Thanks for reporting the issue to us. :smiley: