Feature query / request

I was sent here by the support team so here i am i normally avoid posting on forums since there is so many options that makes it confusing so i hope i did it right.

I have acoustic foam / Panels in the roof for my home theatre and 4 speakers for my Atmos set up and say i want 3 meter Lifx Z strips going from the Denon home theatre amp up behind the tv up to the roof where i would have several more Lifx Z strips all over the roof in the cracks of the foam

Now what i would love to be able to do is send a small pulse with say 1 - 2 decimetre from Denon amp when it powers on up to the roof and explode into a lightning shock that arches out from middle of the room to the walls and after that be music / movie sound reactive

How much of this is possible?

if the answer is none or not much is this something you are or could be working on?

How much of this is possible? All of it is possible.

However, I suspect none of it is something LIFX themselves would be working on. You’d need to find someone else to build and code it for you.

Hmm okey that sure sounds like it will be hard to find / learn any idea where i might find one who could do it or what coding language Lifx is using?

You can use almost any language. There are lots of libraries and frameworks on GitHub. But, from the sound of it, you’re probably better off trying to find a developer to do it for you.