Feature Request: Allow brightness to be set below 1%

Hello, I’m very satisfied with my lights, but I have one request. I find that the 1% brightness is still quite bright. This is on my BR30 lights. I’ve tried setting the brightness lower using the LAN API, but I notice that the brightness automatically resets to 1310 if set below that value. (1310 being 2% of 65535). I’m a bit surprised since I would think this would be possible in the bulb firmware. I know you guys probably aren’t eager to mess with code that works well to add a feature like this, but it would make my lights truly perfect to me. Really hoping you can find time to add this. Thanks for your consideration.


This is something I would also love, as 1% is still too bright to use a bulb as a night light. But I am not sure if it is feasible for them to do it. Otherwise, they would have done it already.

Are you setting the kelvin value as low as possible too? Because 1500K at 1% brightness is pretty dim to me and works just fine as a night light for me. YMMV, obviously.

Yes, I have tried that but it is still too bright for me. I think this has been requested on here a few times.

I’d also love to see the bulbs get down to minute brightness. At one percent, whilst dim enough at low colour temperature for a night-light (for me), is like the OP says, it’s “still quite bright”.

Maybe there is a hardware reason why this isn’t possible? @LIFX