Feature Request: Allow bulbs to exist in multiple groups?

For starters, I apologize if this is a poor place to post up a feature request. I browsed around the support pages on the main site, and looked around here a bit. So if this is the wrong location, that’s my bad.

I just wanted to post up a quick feature request to see if it would be possible to allow bulbs to exist in multiple groups at the same time. I LOVE my LIFX bulbs and use them all the time. But I think that’s one feature that’s missing. This seems to be an issue in all of my smart home apps that I use (SmartThings, Google Assistant, etc).

Here’s an example. All of the bulbs on the front of my house are LIFX bulbs. I have two for the balcony, two for the driveway and one for porch.

I’d like to be able to group the two balcony bulbs so they operate together as if on a single switch, as well as group the two driveway bulbs. But then I would also like all 5 of the bulbs outside to be grouped into a single “Outside” group.

Same for bulbs inside the house…I have kitchen bulbs, living room bulbs, entry way bulbs…but then I’d like a “downstairs” group.

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Hey Chadbaldwin,
We are working on many new features to be released in 2019 and this is one of the most requested features of many smart home products. While I can’t disclose exactly what we are working on I can say that we are developing a way for you to categorize and control your lights across different groupings. Thanks for your feedback!