Feature request: blinking alternating scenes in IFTTT

I’m mostly bedbound due to disability, and I’d like to try calling my partner from the other room by blinking the lights at him. There are times where this is fairly urgent, so it would really help.

We’ve set this up to blink on green, and he’s joked that it’ll be like being in Star Trek, calling it our Code Green.

However, half our lights are multicolour and the other half are Day & Dusk. We have it set to transition from bright white in the day time down through gold and orange in the evening, fading to red on the multicolour bulbs.

If I set it to blink green, it only shows up on the multicolour bulbs. He probably won’t notice it, and certainly in my living room, where the main bulbs will be the Day & Dusk overhead ones.

If it set it to blink white, that works on all bulbs but only in the later evening.

If I set it to blink to 1% dim, it may not show up well in the daytime due to window light, and effectively flashing lights on and off might be really annoying.

What I think would be ideal would be if I could set it to alternate blinking between two scenes, and then set up the scenes individually in Lifx. That way I can have something that integrates both types of bulbs and catches his eye without being really annoying, such as green/white alternating with orange/1500K.

Is this possible? Could someone set it up as a ready made IFTTT thing, by any chance? Let me just say that he can’t smell burning, I can smell it across the flat, I often can’t get out of bed or shout loudly enough for him to hear me, and he does burn dinner from time to time.