Feature request:nap mode

I’d love to be able to press a widget and set off a nap mode. Fade down the lights over a fixed amount of time (preferably fading down through warmer shades - I don’t mind if it ends up on 1% orange as a nightlight, that’s an easy way to get a warm fade), wait a fixed amount of time, and then fade them back up again to wake me up. I can do the fade either way, IFTTT is good for that, but not the fixed time in the middle, and I don’t nap at the same time every day. Napping too long gets you into deep sleep and can disturb your night’s sleep, so controlling it with light would help. And I don’t know why some naps leave you so groggy you’re worse than before you fell asleep, but I have a suspicion this would help with that as well.

So my ideal might be:

15 min - fade down from 100% 3500K white to 1% orange
1 hour - stay on 1% orange
15 min - fade back up to 100% 3500K

You could also fade to completely off, but the colours wouldn’t be as pretty, and I like having a “nightlight” when napping to help distinguish it from sleeping all night in proper darkness.

Right now I press an IFTTT widget to fade down to 1% orange, either fall asleep or rest a bit, and when I wake up, press another IFTTT widget to fade back up to white. It definitely helps me doze off and then become more alert afterwards, but it doesn’t wake me up at the end of my desired naptime, and I loathe alarm clocks. I’d far rather wake up with light, and this is a simple sequence to run, I’d hope.

It could also be really useful for people with unstable sleep patterns, such as rotating shift workers, who just want to fall asleep now and wake up x hours later.

Hi Sophie,

If you happen to have an Android phone you might want to check out this app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=agraetz.sunrisealarmp

It can trigger a sunrise (in two phases so it can start from nice orange shade) either at a set time or based on any alarm app you might have set on your phone, which I think is a brilliant feature especially if your wake-up times change daily like mine. And it also has a snooze feature which work by displaying a notification when the sunrise has been started. By “pulling down” the notification you’ll get option to snooze, or turn the lights on or off.

It has a paid version but if I remember correctly all the above features are available in the free version.

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Hey Sophie,
This is a fantastic idea! It is certainly something that I am sure many of our users would love. We are working on a number of great new features to be released in 2019 and I am sure there is a way we could do something like this. Thanks for the suggestion!

I haven’t had success with IFTTT fading out my LIFX. I tried using the general turn on setup with the Advanced option fade_out_duration: 900; (for 15 minutes). What is the trick? Thx