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Feature Request: Warm Dim

When an incandescent or halogen lamp dims it naturally gets warmer as it dims. This is similar to natural sunlight that is warmer at the dimmest beginning of the day, cools as it approaches the brightest part of the day and then warms again.

Increasing numbers of LED lamps and fixtures are now warm dim. We have a bunch of Juno downlights that we can set the color temp for various parts of the day on and they very slowly change throughout the day.

It’d be nice if LIFX offered this same capability. Dimming any LIFX lamp seems unnatural since the color temp remains the same rather than get warmer as it dims.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve passed it on :slight_smile:

I’d love this option, too.

This is easily programmable but it would be nice as an option (and not compulsory) in the LIFX app.