Feature Request

Didn’t see a “Feature Request” thread and had an idea for a useful one;

When you loose power and then it comes back on, I noticed that the Lifx bulbs all turn on.

If someone is away, say shopping or at work, then this could be a potential problem, not to mention all of the electricity wasted. It would be nice if the Lifx app would look for a “all Lifx bulbs on” status and then send the user an alert to their phone, so that they can manually turn the lights all back off.

In the mean time I’m not sure if the IFTTT app could accomplish this. Any ideas?

I did find this, which comes close;

There’s another fix being worked on where the lights remember their last state and when the power goes out and comes back, they come back on the way they went off.

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I think this is essential.
Short loss of power should toggle the lamp (on if off, off if on) so that the lightswitch can be used to both switch the lamp off or on. (currently only on)
When it comes to power outages, the lamp can detect this- if it gets power, it should check that it has Wifi. If not, it is because the router has not finished booting (it will take longer than the lamp) In this case it should probably turn off (or alert the user).

Great idea about checking the wi-fi! Would be a really nice feature.

But how do we get it adopted?