Filtering LIFX strip 1 meter light from API response

We are developing app which consumes LIFX api endpoints, during get all lights need to filter out the LIFX 1 meter strip light. Not sure exactly which key helps us to filter that out. Any input on that will be more than welcome.


    "product": {
      "name": "LIFX+ A19",
      "identifier": "lifx_plus_a19",

You’ll wanna filter either on the name or identifier in the product property that comes back.

Thanks for the quick reply. I tried to check for the identifier for LIFX 1 meter strip light, but i’m not able to find any. Is there any docs where i can figure out the identifier for the same.

The LIFX Z looks like this:

        "product": {
            "name": "LIFX Z",
            "identifier": "lifx_z",
            "company": "LIFX",
            "capabilities": {
                "has_color": true,
                "has_variable_color_temp": true,
                "has_ir": false,
                "has_multizone": true

You could filter on the has_multizone if you want to remove any product that has multiple lights, or just the lifx_z identifier for just the LIFX Z depending on what your application needs.

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That is exactly what i needed, thanks Daniel :slight_smile: It helps :slight_smile: