Finer control of white temperature

Is it possible to set my Color 1000 bulbs to white 3400K? I want my LIFX bulbs to match what f.lux on my computer does. Phillips Hue has integration with f.lux.

Copy this URL:,0,1.0,3400

Then in your application:

  1. Go to the color wheel for the bulb or group you wish to set.
  2. Click and hold on the text at the top of the wheel that shows the color.
  3. Choose, paste or apply color.
  4. Your bulb will change to that color at 100% brightness,
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The new copy and paste color is awesome, but doesn’t work if copied outside the app. For example, I can copy and paste colors between my lights in the app, but if I go to and copy a color, the option paste is gone above the color wheel, only copy is present. The option paste is however, available above the whites wheel, but when I click paste it doesn’t change anything.

Then if I click copy in the app, the option paste is back above the color wheel and functions correctly.

I’m on android 6.0.1

UPDATE: Yesterdays update fixed this problem.

Why not just build this functionality into the app instead of making us go to websites and copy paste?

I actually did mention this to the application developers when I pasted the link, but I’ll give them another nudge for you. :wink: