Firmware 3.50 = schedule doesn't work

So I updated my 2x mini white bulbs to firmware a few days ago. Prior to that they’d been working fine on a simple dusk to dawn schedule.

No longer though, neither bulb comes on at dusk, or when turned on manually via the app, go off at dawn. I’ve recreated the schedule and both bulbs are showing as connected to the cloud.

Next step would be to remove then reclaim both bulbs (?) but should I really have to do that after a a firmware update - and of course no guarantee it will work.


The firmware update shouldn’t have any affect on schedules.

Have you made a support ticket with us I could follow up on?

I have emailed support but don’t have a ticket number.

I’ve since solved my problem by deleting and re-creating the schedule and removing both bulbs from the cloud and reconnecting.

A simple firmware update should not require me to do either?

That is correct, schedules are completely in the cloud so updating the firmware shouldn’t change them.