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Firmware Update v3.60 Released

We have just started rolling out a new firmware update (v3.60. This release will be available for the Generation 4 LIFX Mini Color, Mini Day & Dusk, Mini White and GU10 products).

The update will be gradually released to users, please allow time for the update to appear in the LIFX app.

Features include:

  • HomeKit reliability improvement
  • Improved Samsung SmartThings/Google Home support
  • Improved transition of hue color values
  • Fix for CVE-2019-17209

Important: DO NOT turn off power to the light during the update (usually 15-45 secs). Doing so may render the light unusable.

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How long should this take to become available to customers in Australia? Still says 3.50 and up-to-date


What is CVE-2019-17209? I don’t see it in the NIST database.

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Same here in the UK.

In the Netherlands today 29 Jan updates are available. Have Mini Color’s, Mini Day & Dusk’s, Mini White’s and updated all lights. No problems, all fine.

Above only features are listed.

Are there also other (bug) fixes ?

I got the update last night, I’d also be interested in what the CVE is for.

We’re going to have more details on that once we complete the roll out.

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Thanks. Out of interest how long does it usually take for rollouts to complete? Does the Android app get rolled out gradually as well?

Firmware releases are completely independent of the app. Normally we roll it out pretty much immediately. For some technical reasons we’ve being much more cautious with this update so we’ve been rolling it out gradually. We should finish the roll out in the next week though. Our top priority is just to make sure we don’t see any issues with updates with customers.

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Was just asking about the mobile app because I haven’t got the update yet. I’ll leave it for a bit. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh sorry I misread that, Android/iOS apps both get rolled out over a week. You should see it by next Tuesday at the latest.

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Something with this firmware broke support with Abode ( Any automaton using the updated Mini’s stopped working, and I can’t repair these lights if I remove them from that hub. The other A19’s on v2.77 are still working fine. I am contacting their support but wanted to mention it here also. It would be nice if there was a way to roll back to an earlier firmware.

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The Abode problem appears to be related to the LAN discovery (UDP port 56700). A PCAP shows it sends several UDP discovery packets to broadcast, which then gets a reply from A19 color lights on v2.77 and even a Color Mini on older v3.41. I don’t see any replies from the updated color mini’s on v3.60. Therefore Abode doesn’t see them either and can’t pair them, but it does see the reply from the older firmware and can pair it. The official Lifx app works fine.

The firmware version doesn’t affect discovery (except for originals which have weird behaviour when the source bit is set to 0)

If it’s not replying to discovery then it’s connection isn’t very strong or your router is dropping packets to/from it.

Actually, I’ve been told there is a known issue with 3.60 firmware and Abode.

If you submit a ticket we can help you out.

Thanks, I opened # 479885 and hope information I was able to capture is helpful.

ok, thanks :slight_smile:

Hi yesterday I download beta in iPad and iPhone but I need link in tvOS for download app.

We don’t have a tvOS app.

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