Firmware Updates

Is it possible to get more code-level information about firmware updates current and planned?

I am concerned about the compatibility of firmware updates and software updates.

If everything is working just fine users will be very unhappy if a routine firmware update causes instability or the requirement to do anything with 40 lights at two locations.

It would also be helpful if firmware updates didn’t disrupt links to hubs like SmartThings and Amazon’s Alexa products. I know that those aren’t your products but integration has become the defecto use.

One of the best things about LIFX bulbs is that no hub is required. Everything is local Bravo!

And yet, most people become addicted to their smart homes and get a hub.

What do you think?


Unfortunately we can not provide any code level info.

We do however, try to ensure our lights do not break compatibility. We have our own internal QA procedures, a beta firmware testing program that allows our keen users to test out firmware before it’s released to everyone; and we always welcome reports of problems with external systems.

We completely understand how frustrating it is when a connected home loses the ability for devices to actually connect to each other!