LIFX Developer Zone

Fix your connectivity and add new device flow

I used to be a big fan and evangelist of lifx company and their products. I used to praise their ease of use and the quality of their product. I supported them since the kickstarters days and I have to say their company and products have fallen pretty far for me.

I own 1 kickstater A19 equivalent bulb, 4x A19 bulbs and 1 beam. All of them have issues with connectivity with staying connected with the wifi while multiple other products such as smart switches/lights/etc have 0 problem with my network. It’s been a fucken disaster trying to reconnect these stupid devices back to the app and have it work. Whether it be setting it up with homekit or what have you but the new “add device” setup is completely garbage. I wish I could still say good things about their product and app but there isnt anything good to say. If I could get all my money but I would. But now I just struggle with waiting 15 mins for this so this app can say setup without homekit is stupid. The legacy setup back in the kickstarter days were amazing and straight forward and the reliability was fine. Then some new product manager at the company said, I want to make an impact so they wanted to rebrand and redesign the damn app to this shit version where the core functionality of reliable connection and ease of use goes out the window for fancy marketing support like homekit and scene and schedulding or whatever. They lost their way and it’s such a bad product and app that I can’t recommend it to anyone anymore. I basically have about 6 lights that cost over $60 dollars each that are the dumbest lights possible and only work with physical on off switches rather than there advertised smart light bulbs.

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