Flic 2.0 is coming

Hey folks,

The new Flic 2.0 is due to be released soon and they’ve setup a pretty nifty pre-release website for pre-orders.

It would be super peachy keen if you used my referral link to sign up: https://2.flic.io/invite/qcbowakgth/

(I checked the FAQ and couldn’t find anything against referrals and I’m being upfront about it, so I hope that’s OK).

Once I have a few referrals, I’ll remove the link and someone else can post theirs. :slight_smile:

What is the FLIC APP ?

What does it do ?

How does it help ?

why is this post posted here ? How does it have relation with using LIFX Light ?

Would like to know.

See https://www.lifx.com.au/products/flic for details on how the original Flic 1.0 button integrates with LIFX bulbs.