Force bulb to 'check in' for settings before turning on from switch

Hi there. I have my LIFX bulb installed in a desk lamp with an inline switch on the power cord. I use the inline physical switch to turn the bulb on and off, and my phone to control the brightness and color.

The problem I have (frustration, really) is that when switched off and then back on, the bulb always resumes the previous settings it had, and forces the phone app to update to those settings. This means that when I turn the desk lamp off during the middle of the day it retains its ultra bright day settings and when I flick it back on again in the night my eyeballs get blasted.

I want to be able to set the bulbs brightness and color before the lamp turns on. Is this possible? I am developing with my own webserver so I can send webhooks (I am currently using the maker channel on IFTTT). I thought of detecting when the bulb is off and then spamming it with brightness settings to try and catch it when it turns on, but that’s just a bad idea.

Is there a way to force my settings onto the bulb before it starts up from being totally powered off at the switch?

Currently there is no way to save settings into the cloud for the bulb to use turning on. The problem here is that we want our bulbs to work the same regardless if the cloud is available or not. Also this could potentially extend the bootup time of the bulb to something huge.

However, if you don’t physically power off the bulbs, and instead just turn it off in the app, IFTTT requests can change the color of the bulb even while it is turned off, just make sure “Turn on” is unchecked. Pair this with e physical button such as the Flic, or the QMote to turn the lamp on and off and you should have a fairly solid solution.

Basically though, when the bulb is powered off at the switch it cannot be messaged, or it state changed, so try to avoid that if possible.

If it’s not possible to save the settings in the cloud, why is it not possible to save the settings in the bulb itself? Now when you turn it off the current state is saved somewhere too, right? So why not replace this memory-space with a default setting that we can set to our likings?

Why do we need to spend a stupid amount of money for Flics, bttns, Qmotes and other overpriced gimmicks when we all have perfectly fine working switches already built-in to our homes? If I want to remote control my bulbs I can still choose not to use the switch but the app. And although it’s not much a bulb in standby mode still uses power, a switched off bulb uses none.

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not everyone uses cellphones, elderly, ect… so having a way to set the default on power on to something light enough to see if the lights turned off by app is much needed

There’s another thread where saving default settings to the light was in testing. I don’t know the current status of it, but you can find it here: