Full color control of the R, G, B, WW and CW LEDs


I am using the LIFX A19 light bulb and I have been able to control it via Python using the API with no problem. However, I am extremely interested on the possibility to control each LED channel individually. The official API documentation says that the hue, saturation, kelvin, and brightness components can be combined to describe the desired color, but I was wondering if there is something more general. The RGB values can be set easily, but is it possible to extend the control over the 5 color channels (R, G, B, WW, CW) at once?

To clarify, my ideal scenario would be to command the light bulb using something like:
rgbwwcw: 64, 20, 77, 255, 124

Thank you in advance!


The short answer is we don’t expose that ability.

The long answer is we don’t guarantee the particular LEDs used in particular SKUs, which is why we provide an abstraction layer via the HSBK. This ensures that the devices will display as close as possible to the requested colour.


Thank you for you answer. And is it possible to get a model with this functionality? I am working in a color science project and it would be wonderful if we could use your bulbs.

Unfortunately not. Sorry.