Gear S2 Control


I’m trying to develop an app for the Gear S2 to control the LiFX lights with it. I want to use the bezel to control the brightness and color of the light but I have little experience with coding. Someone has made an app for Philips hue but doesn’t look like anyone will develop for LiFX as the demand isn’t high enough sadly so I figured I’d attempt to do it myself.

Can anyone point me in the right direction on where to start?

Hey have you been able to make any head way on the app for the Gear S2? I believe there is a small demand out there for it but for most they don’t take the time to express it. That’s all I’m here doing. I would love to have a lifx app on my gear s2 and be able to control the brightness and color with the bezel and would definitely pay for it. I wish I could help you develop it but all I can do is show my support.

Nope I’m afraid not. Can’t write code to save my life lol, wish I could though. Sadly I think Phillips Hue is the more popular smart bulb so the few developers making apps for the S2 would most likely not make an app for LiFX sadly. Hopefully one day though.

Old post I know, but I own both the Gear S2 and Gear S3 frontier. I am seriously thinking about making this a pet project, as I am indeed, a developer. Somehow, I’d like to work in themes with this concept too, because I use them all the time.

Hi @justinhca,

Themes are just a collection of colours. We store our current list of themes in a json file on AWS, you can download them from here :

Nice! Just curious, is this list curated by LIFX, or do you accept custom themes from users as well?

That list is curated by LIFX, we have run competitions for users to submit their own Theme ideas in the past, which were then added to the list. We will be adding the ability for users to create their own themes in the future.

OK, good to know. I like the curated list, but thought that some folks might appreciate the custom feature.

I just want to chime in on wanting a Gear app. I keep checking the store for one but I’m always disappointed.

Looking forward to seeing Justin make one.