Generate Access Token for Android User Without User Interaction

Good morning!

I am working with your API to control my LifX bulbs with my own android app. According to the documentation, I have to create an access token if I want to use the API service, that’s easy to test and I was able to create my own key, however I would like to deploy the app to the play store so that means users who want to use my app to control their devices will require their own access token and this is a problem, I can’t force the user to go to the LifX web, log in, get the access token and send them the app, do you have any code or API call that allows me to do that without user interaction, at least no more than asking for their username and password?

I checked Google Home to understand how they do it and it seems that they require the username and password and after logging in with the LifX credentials, Google Home can connect with the Lifx devices.

Thanks in advance!