Generation of Bulbs?

How can you tell what generation of bulb(s) you have?

The originals I believe were in that black color only. I don’t think there where white ones. Even if they were, the 1st gen ones are an inch taller.

2nd gen bulbs have an opening in the back for air flow, and they’re labeled on the bulb “White 800”, “Color 1000”, etc. I don’t know much about the BR30-sized ones though.

The latest bulbs are completely enclosed and either have the LIFX logo or a LIFX logo with a [+] under it for the IR-enabled ones.

Gen 1 was black and white. I have both. I know gen one has a small switch on the bulb for factory reset, as all my bulbs are gen 1 apart from the Z I don’t know of other ways.