Getting API error 429 "too many requests"

When trying to use the bulbs in a SmartThigns integration I get about a 50% failure rate with the 429 too many requests error in ST logs. According to API documentation I shouldn’t see this error unless I am calling on the API more than 100 times a minute, but I am calling it less than a dozen times every 5 minutes.

Is this a known issue?

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I have the same issue with SmartThings and LIFX bulbs, and I see the same error in the ST logs. It was working perfectly for me for about a month but now it only works about 50%. I have reset the bulbs and tried a bunch of other things with no luck. There seems to be no pattern behind when I get the 429 errors and when I don’t. I wish there was a way of finding out where the LIFX cloud thinks it is getting the 100 requests per minute from.

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Yeah, messed with it all last night. Even made a custom device handler so I could use my own API key and assign one for each bulb…I get the error within the first seconds of assigning the API key and trying to perform an action.

I guess they changed something to reduce the load on the servers. I am seeing longer response times on requests made of my app. Yesterday/today in particular. I’ve received multiple reports of my app failing because of this.

I hope LIFX can fix this.

What’s odd is it doesn’t seem to effect Google Home. I did have a few failures in IFTTT though.

Ziptie, are you still having issues with the 429 errors? All my problems seemed to have gone away. I don’t think I did anything to fix the problem. I am wondering if something was fixed on LIFX’s or SmartThings end.

All good now. I opened a ticket with lifx support and they quickly.found an issue with the integration and contacted SmartThings to resolve it.

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Great. Thank you Ziptie for opening the ticket and getting this resolved.