Getting breathe and pulse status

Currently, the “List Lights” endpoint does not return whether or not a bulb is breathing or pulsing. Can LIFX please implement support for this information?

For the application we are developing, we would like to return a user’s LIFX bulbs exactly back to their previous state after we send the user a notification via their lights. This is currently not possible if the user’s lights are breathing or pulsing.

We currently do not have a way to track either effects running from the app or from the cloud. The bulb should return to its previous state if the persist argument is set to false (the default setting).

Thanks for the reply Daniel. Using the persist parameter should work for us for some of the features we are developing.

However, one of the features we are working on involves changing the user’s light to blue for an indefinite period of time (using the Set State endpoint) until the user takes an action. Once the user takes the action, the light should return to its previous state (e.g. pulsing, breathing, or static). Unfortunately, it looks like the persist parameter will not work for us in this case.

To get yourself out of trouble have you considered tracking this state yourself in your own application

If you’re already taking responsibility for setting effects/state then with some persistence you could determine what previous state was. I realise that if another client sets the state it throws your application out of whack, but perhaps you could come up with an acceptable default?

We use a similar mechanism in the iOS app.

Hi, thanks for the suggestion. Yes, we are planning to save the state ourselves in our application. However, as you have identified, one of the cases we are concerned about is if another client changes the state to breathing or pulsing. Designating a default setting may be our best recourse here.