Getting started on LIFX HTTP API

Can someone please help where to find detailed documentation on the LIFX HTTP API.
There’s not enough documentation on this API. What’s the HTTP verb I need to use for this?

Also on this page:
it says there is a “Try it out” option on each API page but I can’t find it.

Am I missing something here?

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Ok. After some playing around I found out that I need to do a POST on to get the bulbs to turn on and off.

Would have been nice if the documentation was complete on these HTTP APIs

It looks like the site that hosts our documentation is currently not displaying our API docs correctly, that information should be available there. We’ll look into getting that fixed ASAP.

Re toggle, you’re correct, it should be a POST.

Thanks @nick for the information. looking forward to seeing the doco back again. Can’t wait to get my hands dirty :slight_smile:

I have been having problems guessing the right parameters to pass through today too.

Luckily Wayback Machine has some of the documentation cached.


Our documentation host has fixed the issue and the docs are back to normal. Thanks for reporting this!

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Thanks @nick for getting this fixed. I had a look and doco seems fine now :slight_smile: