Google home local execution

I wanna get my light setup with LAN, but I have no idea what anything means on Photons etc. I’m using google assistant, but it sounds like homekit is more powerful. Anyway, the whole house is Android, including chromecast and like 7 google nest minis (got most of them for free, google is nice sometimes) so switching isn’t happening.

I assume I need to get a rPi to control the lights over lan, and also looking into getting a hubitat to give me further automation, not sure how the support for LIFX is going with that though. I just read the documentation for the LAN protocol and it scares me so I think I’ll stick with the API until someone develops an app that’s relatively easy to use which works over LAN.

The LIFX apps themselves work over the LAN (mostly). HomeKit requires local LAN control as part of Apple’s privacy requirements, which is why I prefer it over Google or Alexa, which both use cloud-based control.

It’s also significantly faster.

If you’re looking for a Windows app that uses LAN control, try

Google has local execution now, so if you use your physical google assistant and it’s on the same network it will likely be talking to your lights over the LAN

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Good to know, thanks!

if you use your physical google assistant

@delfick-employee does that include the nest minis?

hmm, interesting. I don’t have one myself so I can’t test

I think the smart speakers need to talk to the cloud to know what the command is, they listen for the hot word and then send a recording to google api, then the servers send a response for the speaker, the only processing done locally is recording and sending the audio I think

When it’s using local execution, the command goes to google servers to figure out what to do with the lights, and then the google device will send those commands as UDP packets over the network

It must be automatic then, is there any way to confirm this using the light?

compare how fast it is to using the assistant on your phone. We have the ability to see cloud activity on an account, but we don’t expose that information to users (maybe we will in the future, but it’s currently not on any roadmap)

Off-topic, but being able to see an audit log of events triggered via the cloud with requesting user-agent and target bulb state would be a game-changer.

I agree that would be nice. I’m not going to give false hope of that happening any time soon though.

I’m just sowing the seeds of inspiration. :slight_smile:

we’ve talked about it multiple times in the past. Prioritisation has other ideas though :slight_smile:

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So I found this but I have no idea how to do JavaScript or Node.js so I have no idea what any of it means, can you make any sense of it?

yeah, that’s what we have implemented :slight_smile:

So it should automatically work?

yeap. It also might be necessary for the devices and the google home to be in the same “room” in google’s system

Yeah maybe, when I ask the one in the room it play a confirm tone and changes the light, with all the other speakers it says the light name and what it’s done

hmm, interesting, I’m not sure why the response would be different.

Anyway, I’ve moved all of this into it’s own thread, it got very off topic :slight_smile: