Group temperature change now also affects brightness?

Why has the LIFX app functionality changed, is this a bug and if so will it be resolved soon?

Our family will modify the colour temperature of living room bulbs (x6) over the course of a day, especially into the evening, depending on activities and other factors.

Due to fixture locations almost all bulbs require different levels of brightness, particularly for those alongside the sofa (values ranging from 10% to 80% is common). Re-adjusting brightness levels post temperature change is frustrating, especially since it was not necessary in the past.

Confirmed here. Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a group of >1 light
  2. Set lights to different brightness
  3. In group, change colour/temp

Expected behaviour:
Colours change but brightness levels stay the same

Actual behaviour:
Colours change and brightness matches “group brightness”

I can see why it works like this, as it might be a little confusing to see “group brightness: 50%” when several bulbs are at more or less than 50%.

Could there be a way to display “brightness: multiple/varies/approx 50%” or something, and only change it when explicitly changed in app?

When did you see this behaviour change? Could you also confirm what platform you’re using. As far as I know this has always behaved this way. I can definitely see your use case though. It’s something we’ll have to think about.

Wish we had taken note, I think within the last 12 months, but realise that is of little practical help.

For us the issue has been exacerbated with the purchase of additional lights, which are located on side tables alongside our sofa’s (hence they’re dimmed down relative to other fixtures).

Group control is an extremely useful feature, more so when controlling many devices.

Scenes are great too of course, but it isn’t practical to define 10+ just to control temperature/brightness in one room. I use scenes to control hue (colour) and relative brightness, currently 15 to service several rooms.

Well I think it’s a pretty valid use case and honestly something I don’t think anyone has brought up before. Can’t make any promises but we will likely look at it for the next update. Need to weigh up the pros and cons though.


Seeking an update on this query.

Can you please advise whether this funcationality will be added to the app, and if so when might this happen?

We added this a few months ago, I’d have to go back and check exactly which version. I just tried it myself and it seems to work fine. If you’re still having issues let me know what app version and platform you’re on.

Thanks for the prompt feedback. I have subsequently deleted and reinstalled the app. You’re absolutely right, it does work perfectly, and perhaps it did before reinstallation (I should have double checked).

Good stuff :slight_smile: thanks again!

Still behaving as before here (incorrectly).
Android. App version 3.15.0

I can try clearing caches or a reinstall if that’s helpful?