[GUIDE] Adding HomeKit Support to LIFX Bulbs via Homebridge

I have just posted a step-by-step guide on setting up Homebridge on a Mac mini. The end result will allow you to use LIFX bulbs with Siri and the Home app in iOS 10.
Guide to Adding HomeKit Support to LIFX Bulbs



excellent, i wish I would have installed Homebridge with LIFX Plugin earlier. super easy.
Maybe LIFX could figure a way to explain this option to end-users instead of saying “please wait…”

@pagemaster, thanks for the guide! super easy to follow.

I’ve noticed that HomeBridge isn’t always keeping the status ‘current’. When I start the Home app all my LiFX bulbs status are unknown. It takes something like 20-60 seconds before the the widgets for the bulbs are updated with current status. whereas the LiFX app is more or less instantly up-to-date on status.

Thank you for posting this guide!

The link doesn’t seem to work,

Thanks for letting me know, it has now been fixed.