Hardware Dimmer Project

Hi All,
I’ve got my little project back up and running,

It is a Hardware Dimmer Switch combo running the LAN Protocol, I’m planning to get some PCB(s) made up and mounted so they look and feel like like normal light dimmers (need a 3D shell/case design if anyone’s interested in helping out)

Video’s worth a million words: YouTube: LIFX Dimmer Switch
So whats going on in the video,

  • Bottom button On/Off control,
  • Rotary Encode:
    Default function dimmer fade Off to full brightness;
    Single press toggles between Dimmer/Hue Change (i.e. when in white mode Ultra Warm to Blue Ice, In colour mode cycle through the colours);
    Long press toggles between White/Colour mode.

Github Project: Github Dimmer Switch

Things I need to work out:

  • Does anyone know what kind/type of certification and/or testing I would need to release this into the wild for other to use? (Guest I can’t stop people from DIY it all up on github)
  • Best way to integrate with the existing LIFX ecosystem (I’m thinking just poll the light for state of change and go with the flow, but it would be nice to be able to assign the dimmer to a group and accept command from others)
  • Case/Wall mounts (need to lean #D design and get a printer or get it printed)

If we have any hardware people here can I get a peer review and comment on the design so far

Comments, Questions?

and if you feel like buying me a beer or helping out with the cost of getting this thing done, I accpect PayPal Donation or technical help I’m leaning this process as I go.


Just another video; Got my down-lights and decided to do a test with them before installing; YouTube: Down Lights Video.

Found a few bugs with this test, but I fixed them. The big one was the lights looked like they where getting the commands at different times so I changed the way I send the UDP packets, it seams to have fixed it for now.

One bug I need to fix is dropped udp packets; I somehow need to keep track of the requested state and then get the lights current state to match while still allowing others to change the lights state (i.e. phone app).


Very nice!

I tried to do similar, but via Home-Assistant, using MQTT and a Sonoff Touch switch.

Whilst the multitouch works great, and I get a good repeat rate, Home-Assistant doesn’t really translate from MQTT to LifxLAN fast enough to make it usable. I basically use them as on/off switches just now, and was wondering how hard it would be to implement Lifx in Arduino.

It looks like you’re well on the way. I might borrow some code ideas and make it work on the ESP8266 when I get some time to spare :slight_smile:

Hi @kylegordon,
I would think it would be easily ported to the ESP8266 and this is on my list of things to do as well as migrating to Platform IO. As I only started with the photon because at the time it had enough room/memory for the touch screen firmware, but now with 4meg esps I think it very do able.

Fell free to borrow the code and if you have any improvements let us know.