Has anyone designed and/or built a home made Lifx receiver?

I’m interested in adding UV strips to the rave disco in my parents basement. I don’t expect UV LED strips to be forthcoming from Lifx anytime soon.

Has anyone build a device that can be controlled with the Lifx app, that could drive such strips? Is it possible?


Are you using a LIFX product? Or are you trying to add “smart” functionality to a “dumb” lighting product?

I have 16 Lifx color 1000’s. I’m interested in a controller for non-Lifx, ultra violet LED strips that can nonetheless be controlled via the Lifx app.

Hmmm not sure you can use the LIFX app to control them, but you can add smart functionality to them using a home automation solution like Vera or OpenHab. You would then use the app from that solution to control them.