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Has @delfick left the building?

Very sad if so. Is there another LIFX employee who’ll be taking over?

Yeah I moved on July 2021

Very sad indeed. The only employee who’s name I remember from many helpful posts on the forum. @delfick have success with your new adventures!

With the track record of recent years, I’m expecting the next update to be:

Good news to all LIFX fans! [insert LIFX competitor here] has acquired LIFX. This brings [insert marketing hype here] to LIFX customers.

Then after few months we get:

LIFX product line will be shutdown. Pending orders will be shipped before January 2022. Support for the existing products will continue until August 2022.

@delfick have success with your new adventures!

thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for all of your help (and patience). I hope all goes well for you with whatever new pursuits lay ahead!

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Will the servers still operate?

Fortunately, I’ve implemented my own local control but still nice to have the servers as an option.

(Alas not too surprised – it’s a very touch business).

Just to make sure no misunderstandings - I was just joking. :slight_smile:

Has anyone taken over maintainence for the products.json yet? It would seem like delfick maintained it at last.
The “database” is missing newer devices already.

The “database” is missing newer devices already.

I did try to make it so that updating it is part of the process but I can’t say I was overly successful hahahha