Having trouble using curl with binary data to control bulbs


Im trying to send a simple binary packet to a local bulb address in my lan.

curl --request POST --data-binary “2400001409fbf0c2d073d5210c2b00000000000000000012000000000000000065000000”

I dont get any callback from curl it just get stuck.

The packet should be fine since I do manage to control my bulbs through nodejs app with the same packets.

Am i missing any headers in the curl cmd?

Help will be appreciated

curl is for command-line HTTP communication; the LIFX LAN API uses plain UDP packets. If you want to interact with it at a low level from the command line, netcat is probably your best bet (or /dev/udp/ if your shell supports it, see here.)

thanks for the reply. followed all the links you sent and still havnt been able to get light to respond.

tried this cmd
/bin/echo -e “$(cat /etc/lifx/alloff.echo)” | socat - udp-datagram:,broadcast
which makes sense to me but still nothing…

are there any developments since?