Help. A 19 light does not "see" network

I just got my first LIFX bulb (A19). During the setup process, It goes through all the set-up steps successfully except the last one. Unfortunately, I continually get the msg “Looking for light on network” and eventually stops telling me no network is connected. I have an Android phone (Note 8) using a Google Onhub router and many smart devices successfully connected (Wink, TP Ling plugs, Harmony, one other smart light etc). I have gone to the NIFX website help page and tried resetting bulb many times using the suggestions like turn on airport mode etc. but keep getting the same final message about no network. I finally gave up and returned light to Amazon for a replacement. New light is doing the same thing.

Thanks for the help.

2nd time you have asked this ?

Have you contacted support ? Do that before returning a bulb as you generally will have the same problem if the issue isn’t the bulb.

Thanks for the reply, Boxhead. I first tired YouTube in hopes of finding a fix. No luck. I contacted support as you suggested and was very disappointed at their automated response. Instead of tryijng to help me thjey suggested I use this forum to hopefully find a fix.

Well firstly I have had the same issue and they made a change to my account and it fixed the issue.
2ndly you need to escalate that response as they should not be sending you here for support. You may have misunderstood them

I have never had an automated response from them always someone has replied quickly and the issue resolved. Contact them again

Sadly, this starting to take up more time than it’s worth. I really like the product but am not going to spend a large amount of time trying to get it to work if the company who sells it doesn’t care then I don’t either. I was hoping to find solutions from outside sources but that hasn’t worked. I really was advised to look on the LIFX forum for help. Are there two? I wish I still had the email.

Anyway, thanks for the posts boxhead. I contacted them for help on a weekend so maybe that’s why I didn’t get a response from a person. I’ll give them a few more days then I think it’s best if I just return the light.