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Help after power outage

My power went out and now several of my A19 bulbs are just stuck at 100% brightness street I’ve tried to reset them multiple times and delete them to start over. I tried to update their firmware and it says they’re up to date except for one which I update but confirmation can somehow never occur so it just hangs even after turning it off/on for 10 seconds.

They connect to my WiFi but then I wait hours to finish setup without luck. It’s so frustrating! They worked fine before but I can no longer add these bulbs.

The customer service guy is going around in circles with me and these bulbs are over 2 years old. But were working fine before!


What phone do you have and what WiFi router? Can you login to the admin console of your router and confirm that the bulbs are connected to your WiFi?

For your working bulbs and to prevent the lights from going to full brightness after a power outage, lifx app now has a light restore feature settings → configuration → light restore. Use this option to select how the bulbs should behave after a power outage.

As for the bulbs that won’t connect try one at a time resetting and deleting the bulbs from the app, leaving all the reset bulbs switched off or removed from the socket go to, and select the devices tab, delete all the affected bulbs from here.

Once the bulbs are deleted from the cloud wait 10 minutes or so and install the bulbs one at a time into a socket and try setup.

These steps have worked for me when I have experienced setup failures in the past. Deleting the bulb from the app doesn’t always delete the bulbs from the cloud so confirming on is the best way to ensure the bulbs are removed from your account so when you det them up in the app again, the bulbs will register to the cloud properly.

Good luck