Help! How: Make a LIFX light turn on/off over the internet

Our store receives orders via a web-based platform. We click a ‘button’ (online) once an order is received. Ideally, we want a light to be turned on when an order is received. Once we click the ‘button’ (online) the light will turn off. What is the easiest and cheapest way to do that?

We would want to integrate this in the backend.


The HTTP API allows you to control LIFX globes over the internet - the Set State operation supports the turning on and off of globes. Invocation of this API could be added into your order handling process.

Alternatively you could use IFTTT to handle the invocation via the LIFX Channel and use an email from your order platform as the triggering event, or even a physical button such as BTTN.

Does the API work with the LIFX White LED Range ?

I believe so, however I haven’t globes from that range so I can’t say that
I have tested this capability. If you such globes you can give the API a go
directly from the API documentation pages - see the section “Try it out”.