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Help needed please :)

Hi Team,
So I have 7 LIFX bulbs already set up in my house. However I have recently purchased three more and I simply cannot get any of them to connect!

When I try to connect any one of them, I get a message saying “The light has been successfully connected to HomeKit, but a matching LIFX light could not be found on the network. Please try restarting the light and check for the new light in the dashboard.”

I have tried restarting the light. No change.
I have tried resetting the light, and after a successful restart I get the same error message.
I have tried restarting the modem, however I still get the same message.

I have tried setting them up in ‘legacy mode’ where I go through the ‘my device doesn’t show up’ set up, where every time I get the following error message saying “Please try again. An issue has occurred while pairing your light to the wifi. Let’s reset and try again.” At that point, resetting makes no change.

Please help me! I don’t understand why they will connect to Apple Home and can be controlled on that app, but cannot be connect to the LIFX app.

Please help me!

For anyone who may be currently struggling with this … all I needed to do was update my phone …

Was that to the most recent iOS 14 or up to iOS 15?

I’m having the same issue as above.
I have updated to the most recent iOS 14 but getting the same outcome.

I would normally wait to update to the new iOS to avoid the buggy bit in between!

I’m on IOS 15.0.2 and still experiencing problems. If that did indeed fix it then my guess is the ‘fix’ is in deleting some temp files that LIFX have written to and read incorrect data from so this would seem to be a LIFX App programming error.

I was getting the same problem when on IOS 14.
I factory ‘reset’ the lights and also updated to IOS 15, that seemed to fix the issue.
Over the weekend I added another light that worked, I am currently on IOS 15.0.2