Help us add full spectrum color to our Vehroot Shelf

Go to and look at the Shelf that we have created.

You will see 9 icons on the front of our Shelf that are cap touch sensors behind the plastics… there is a through hole in the cap touch board and behind that on the PCB are currently 9 RGB LEDs…

We only get variations of red, blue, green and would like more of a full spectrum color…

Like a LIFX bulb:

I don’t think we need 16 million colors but at least a very full spectrum customers can dial in on the Shelf for color preference… We would also like an app to change color…

Are you able to do this project?

Let me know!
Shaun - Vehroot Corp.

@ShaunTrites have you looked into 5050 addressable SM LEDs? I think they’d be perfect for your product

Hey jymbob… thanks for the tip!

Interested in helping us with them?

Give me a call! 616-617-1698

Shaun Trites

sorry, not really my area of expertise. I’m just a hacker with a penchant for shiny toys.

No problem! the world needs hackers! especially car system hackers!

I ordered these based on your suggestion:

So thank you for that!