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Help us test changing the default power on color!


I have Color 1000, it is officially released?


We are still in the beta testing stages for this firmware release. We don’t have an eta yet on when it will be officially released and made more widely available.

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I still haven’t tested this yet, but I still plan to. Again, I’d like to see the ability to change the default color on the fly, programatically.


@abrythenabry Thanks for the feedback we will certainly be looking at the best way to implement this feature going forward.


I’m glad that no decision has been made regarding the Original - no decision is better than deciding not! Consider this a request for the Original :slight_smile:


Same. A blanket “no” means LIFX does not support older product so which does not bode well. Saying no because the bulb can’t support it is understandable.
I would rather know that adding it is possible but it would add an instability factor that wasn’t acceptable to quality control as well.
Otherwise just do it. Keep the product up to date show they are committed to their older products.

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Awesome I got my bulbs just yesterday and figured this was a feature I wanted after just an hour of use!

I have a suggestion to make it more intuitive. How about adding a function to add different timezones with different default settings. For example if power cycled during day set lamp to 3000k at 80 %. If at night set to 2500k at 25 %. I have a lamp placed over stairs and if I have to walk down during night I’d like if the lamp didn’t blast my eyes. I think this could be a smart feature you could use to market your product.


Better yet get yourself Logitech pop. You have a single click, double click or long click.
Each click is either the click does the same thing each time or works in switch style mode. i.e. click once on click again off. (this has it’s own issue as the system does not remember between different clicks so click once is on, click twice for change colour resets the status of a single click)

This way you could click once full light, click again to turn them off, double click could be turn on but at a much dimmer level but red (great at night to red light is much better when getting up from sleep) and even set the lights to then turn off over 5 mins.


I have a suggestion to make it more intuitive. How about adding a function to add different timezones with different default settings. For example if power cycled during day set lamp to 3000k at 80 %. If at night set to 2500k at 25 %. I have a lamp placed over stairs and if I have to walk down during night I’d like if the lamp didn’t blast my eyes. I think this could be a smart feature you could use to market your product.

After reading your post I was about to suggest a workaround for your request with schedules from the app. e.g set a schedule to change the color and brightness to your desired levels for specific times of day but leave the action (toggle) parameter to unchanged. Unfortunately when I tried this doesn’t seem to work. I’m somehow surprised it doesn’t though. As far as I know it should be possible for the HTTP protocol to change the color/brightness of bulbs even when they are toggled off. Can someone please comment on this? If this is not possible consider this a feature request :slight_smile:

EDIT: Actually this does work! But for me schedules only work if submitted from the iOS app but not from android.


Cool, thanks for the suggestions guys. Will look into them.



I just installed the beta firmware and used the config tool to set the brightness at 100 and Kelvin at 2750. This part works as expected, as the lights come back to standard white 2750K light when power cycled, regardless of the last color they were set to. I also unchecked the “Enable White Restore” option, but this doesn’t seem to work as expected, as the lights still go back to the “out of the box default” light when I power cycle 2x, which I’m looking to eliminate. Is there a way to eliminate the “power cycle 2x” feature completely? Or get the bulbs to use 2750K for their double power cycle reset?


Any update on this? Would love to see this on the Gen3 + and White 800!


Any news on this?

The solution seems very low-tech. Setting one default setting for each bulb, using its serial number. I hope that’s just for the beta.

Can’t we just have a “Default Scene” setting per group, which defaults each bulb to the value specified for them in the selected scene? And if no scene is selected, it should instead default to the last used setting. I mean, if the bulb can remember what its setting was when it was turned off, can’t that saved start-up setting data just be set to whatever the default scene dictates, instead of saving/overwriting the start-up setting every time the settings are changed?

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Set default values when I turn on from swith

This worked like a charm! i have a handful of these in our kitchen and simply wanted to have the white default disabled. Next step would be to integrate on the next official release.

UPDATE: 4 of the 7 lights that i enabled this on simply turned off unexpectedly this morning. i had to reset them and reconnect them etc. etc. Hopefully this doesn’t happen again and was just a one-off.


Hi there, would really love to have this feature and would be more than happy to help test. Am I right in understanding this does not work with the 3rd Gen?

Any chance we’ll see this feature anytime soon? Strikes me as a really obvious one – and one that would make a lot of wives happy :wink:


Hello, I was provided this link to test this out by your support team but yet when I enter the full serial into the field and apply my changes it does not seem to do anything to my Color 1000’s.

Is there a newer version of this configuration tool for Firmware Version 1.22? Especially since this version of the tool came out almost a year ago.

Also I’d like to express how awesome LifX bulbs are. I have 12 on my patio and I am implementing 3 into my bathroom renovation to be able to control light levels using my voice from the shower. (Spiffy I know) The only thing that i’m very distraught by is when a power outage occurs my lifx bulbs all turn them selves back on. This is a huge hesitation on my part on purchasing any more for any other rooms in my house. I had imagined putting them into new can lights I will install in my master bedroom but just the thought of being woke up in the middle of the night because the lights turned on due to a power flux is awful. Plus I invite guests over and show them the awesomeness that is “Alexa turn my patio lights on” and everyone goes WHOAAAAAA. Then I tell them what they are but i also have to tell them about the power outage issue because we live in Florida.

I have spoke with your support rep Ian McFaul and he was a great help in understanding my issue but he stated the bulbs are operating as designed. I’m sorry for such a long post but I know I’m not the only person needing this fixed.

Now the configuration tool (If it actually worked) has the option to set the default on state to 0% brightness, this in a sense would resolve my power outage issue but then I would run into another annoyance which would be “Alexa turn on the patio lights” but the lights are already on, instead they are all on 0% brightness. Unless 0% brightness means they are turned “off” in the app because you can only set the lights to 1% via the dimmer.

What would make me as a customer happy.
The double switch flip = Excellent safety measure.
The single switch flip = Remember last state of the bulb(Keep it’s self off) There is a reason the bulb is off in the first place, because I shut it off…

Please give me some sort of light at the end of the tunnel that isn’t being turned on by a power outage.

Thank you…


Begging here… CAN WE PLEASE activate this for the Lifx 800 bulbs? my house is full of them, but the default to bright white has pretty much destroyed the WAF here…


Please can you post a link to the Linux version of the Configuration app.


So, is this a working feature or still in development? (LIFX A19 Color)



Where are we with being able to set Default colors/Settings to the Gen 3 BR30? - Just to be clear when I shut off the lights (blue) in the evening via my hub and turn them back on in the morning via my hub I want them to turn on at the default setting of warm white. I updated the firmware per the earlier part of this thread but the configurator does not work (it doesn’t up the light settings)