Hindsight on my purchase

I wish I’d read these threads before I purchased…. Your marketing looks so innovative and cutting edge, but your forum is filled with unanswered unhappy customers. My lights work most of the time, I guess that’s something. The app has too many bugs, I reached out, problem was never solved, hindsight is a beautiful thing…


I wonder if the existence of this forum is even known to any current employee. The #announcements section hasn’t seen any activity since 2021.


If it wasn’t for the local lan control, I’d have thrown these out ages ago.

They are still the only wifi product, out of at least 30, i own that won’t work on a modem wifi 5 router. I have to run an old 2.4ghz only wifi access point just for my 8 Lifx bulbs! :rage:

Supports answer was to turn off ask the advanced features which caused my wifi speeds to plummet.