Holiday Schedules?

Is there any way to use the native app scheduling function to set lighting scenes for various holidays? For instance on the Fourth of July, I would like my outside lights to light up red, white and blue, while on Saint Patrick day, I would like them to be green, etc… I see in the app that it seems to go by day of the week but there does not appear to be the ability to pick a particular calendar date. Also I dont see how to schedule “scenes” to be activated.

Finally how are conflicts in schedules resolved? For instance, suppose I set my lights to go on every day at sunset to a normal white but I also have a Fourth of July schedule for that day only - how is the conflict resolved?

Thanks for any input.

Has anyone figured this out?

My wife would really like our lights to be able to use the Holly theme and apply the Animate Theme effect on a schedule or while using Google Home, even if it’s setting up IFTTT or Stringify, but I cannot seem to find a way to do this. I can’t even set up a Schedule to do this?