Homebridge: LIFX + HomeKit

G’day Guys,

I’ve recently started using Homebridge, a NodeJS platform that allows HomeKit integration of existing devices. I recently rewrote the existing LIFX platform to support only the LAN protocol.

I’m sure there are people here that would be interested.





I should also mention the cross platform integration that HomeKit allows is totally awesome.

Using Event Triggers and a WeMo motion sensor, the lights in my office turn on automatically when I enter at night.

Nice! I’ve been meaning to do the same thing.

Very nice to see some useful integration with the node-lifx package. I wish I had an iphone to test that.

I just want to say I love this. Just tried it out and works great with Siri. I installed “homebridge-lifx-lan” on my Rpi and working flawlessly. I can say “Hey Siri, change my island lights (which has 3 of them) to red” and Siri does it. Dim, on/off and color changing all work perfectly. Thank you for this. My little boy loves these color bulbs.

Not sure what else I can do, but changing colors with my Apple Watch via Siri is so cool.

Thank you for this devbobo.

I can’t get HomeKit to see my LIFx light using this homebridge plugin. I’ve also added the HarmonyHub plugin which seems to work ok but no sign of my LIFx light :frowning:
It seems to recognise the plugin as I get a [LiFx] Initializing LifxLan platform… message followed a bit later by [LiFx] Server Listening…

Any ideas?

Hi guys,

Im having issues with my config.json, its saying token invalid. Has anyone else had this issue?

I have the homebridge-lifx plugin installed.