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HomeKit Adaptive Lighting support?

Hey LIFX team,

Now that iOS 14.2 and audioOS 14.2 are out, which are required to support Adaptive Lighting, any idea when we might see a firmware update that adds the required HomeKit characteristics to support this?


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It’s still being worked on, but hopefully should be in the next round of updates (after the current one that’s in beta)

So basically never. There’s been one rollout since I’ve gotten mine a year ago.

There has indeed historically been a long time between firmware releases, but adaptive lighting will definitely get into the firmware.

For a more extensive discussion on support you may wish to reference including my comment about how/why we got to this point and a related comment here about ‘Thread’ API support showing requests for firmware support going back AT LEAST 5 years… as well as more recently here on the Lifx boards-

I understand it takes some time to mitigate some of the previous errors but how long is reasonable will have to be question we each have to ask ourselves. As a long time Engineer who managed a number of significant projects, perhaps we could get a public beta started up for the 2 features. If so this MIGHT go a long way to showing that all these promises of improvement may actually bear fruit and slow the erosion of confidence in Lifx… Thank you for considering the request(s).