HomeKit Adaptive Lighting update?

Any updates or news here?

I have read every thread here and on reddit about this issue and lack of updates from LIFX on this, so no need to refer me to those.

I also have homebridge handling my lights, but I would rather not have to resort to this.

Ive seen LIFX providing updates on upcoming fw update to add HomeKit functionality to LIFX switch, but what about adaptive lighting?

As many others have echoed here, am about ready to just give up on LIFX, sell my lights and move on.

hello, unfortunately i can’t help you. i don’t know anything about some of what you wrote about. if you’ve read this section. then you came across my piece on making sure your isp’s equipment can handle the load you have on it. it was my isp that after years finally told me i needed my own equipment. while that infuriated me, i gave it a try and went top of the line with a netgear rax200, manages up to 50 devices. since i’ve replaced my isp’s router with the nighthawk, i haven’t dropped a single device. also, i’ve spoken about putting lifx lights on a timer(s). i can only adjust them when the timer turns on. but, i’ve got all my lights set where i want them. both bulbs and beams all come on to the time set on the timer. while this happens, it’s rare but fyi some times with the light put on a timer, it disappears from the app and still operates accordingly despite not appearing on the app. if you want it back on the app, a reset is required. hope this gives you some info you can try that might help.