[HomeKit] Apple is opening up the doors

If my English are good, I read know you don’t need a special Ship for HomeKit…


So lifx + HomeKit are now compatible with all bulb ?

And if the old bulb are not…

Why don’t do like Philips Hue and create a specific bridge !?

XD I paid 80€ by bulb so I don’t want buy another buld but Apple HomeKit are so easy !

There is no longer any need for special chips to make Lifx compatible with HomeKit…others have done it, now Lifx needs to fulfill their promise to make Lifx work with HomeKit. I love all the inventive ways that Lifx lighting is creating and the brightness and color are great, but Lifx has the chance to push all other competitors out of the way for Apple users, there are more of use than you think, get with it, get it working ASAP, do not wait or your competitors will win out over you.

It’s not going to happen any time soon… and here’s why. If LIFX projected it to happen soon, they would give us an estimated date so we know we only need to wait a little bit longer. I’m betting anything the wait is over 3 months and they know that. So why not tell us? Because any business experienced in CRM knows even a loyal customer will leave if you tell them the features they want are expected to arrive wayyyy later than they’re willing to wait. Shitty part is, I like the businesses I buy products from to have some transparency. Looks like I screwed up picking LIFX.