HomeKit behaviour: Tile vs Bulbs

Hey LIFX devs,

Can you confirm the behaviour difference I’m seeing:

In HomeKit, when a bulb is transitioning to full power (i.e. when a “power”: “on” transform starts) it shows up as “On” in HomeKit and its brightness slowly increases. However, a Tile with the same transform shows as Off in HomeKit until it reaches the target brightness. Then it shows up as On.

This means automations that use the current power state as a condition would resolve as true for bulbs for the entire transform but false for Tiles until the transform ends.

Any chance the Tile firmware could be updated to match that of the bulbs so that it shows up as On in HomeKit from the start?


This is fixed in the next firmware release for the Tile.

However I can’t say when that will be released.

That’s good to know! Do you know if that firmware is going to the beta testers or straight to release?

All firmware goes to beta first.

The problem is where the release lines up with other work and releases for other products.

This release will definitely be made, I just can’t make promises on a timeline.

No worries. I shall await its appearance in my app when it does go out to beta. :slight_smile:

Does this firmware also fix the bug where HomeKit thinks it has successfully powered a Tile off when in reality the Tile is still on (and static, i.e. this isn’t a firmware animation thing)?

I’ve hit this one a few times where I’ll tell Siri to turn off a Tile and and it changes to off in the app, but the Tile itself doesn’t turn off at all.

the firmware team tell me that should be fixed in the next release

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That is tremendous. Tell the firmware team I said they could have the rest of the afternoon off. :grin: