HomeKit issues with firmware 3.43 on LIFX Mini Colour

Hey folks,

I’ve noticed an issue with the LIFX Mini Colour bulbs running firmware 3.43: HomeKit doesn’t seem to notice when the bulb state changes externally to a HomeKit action.

For example, I have LIFX schedules that turn on some bulbs in the bedroom over 30 minutes in the morning. However, if I look at the bulb or group in the Home app, it doesn’t appear to be on (and no amount of waiting helps). If I ask Siri to turn the bulb off, nothing happens. I can still control the bulb with Siri (asking her to turn it on and then off works).

Just me, or known issue?

It would be super peachy keen if another HomeKit user with a LIFX Mini Colour builb could at least confirm the issue is happening for them.

It would be even better if LIFX could test and acknowledge the issue, or tell me it’s something on my end so I can look elsewhere or contact support.