Hostname Consistency

This probably falls more in line with advanced user than it does with developer.
Is there a way to change the hostname of a device? I just crawled my network and I see that my minis have hostnames ranging from Lifx(no number) to Lifx-68. On my BR30’s my first set uses the device name itself Kitchen1 device name =Kitchen1 hostname and my 2nd set has the mac address for the hostname.
I would really like the hostnames to be consistent. I’d be ok if all hostnames were mac addresses but would really prefer hostnames were device names.

I’ve never managed to determine the pattern by which the bulbs reflect their actual name, LIFX or LIFX Bulb so when I gave them each a static IP address, I also hard-coded their hostname in my Unifi system. Problem solved. :slight_smile:

This is really weird. On Saturday a particular device had hostname = Lifx-66. Today that same bulb is Lifx-70. One of them picked up the device name and changed hostname to match device name. I’ve never seen auto changing hostnames on a device before.

It happens when the Espressif wifi components drop-off and rejoin in combination with any DHCP-to-DNS hostname mapping you may have on your network.

From what I can tell, but have not confirmed (due to lack of time and frankly interest) is the versions of the Expressif components in each release of the LIFX hardware, i.e. newer bulbs would have newer wifi chipsets, etc. The difference in functionality would be explained in an difference in underlying hardware.

I also rely on lifx dhcp hostname and cannot determine rhyme or reason with how the bulbs work. If I rename the bulb it keeps the old hostname… so I decided to only use 5x reset when changing names. Of course now those bulbs only use the lifx-xxxx dhcp hostname and do not update with my bulb name. I’m trying not to hard code the bulb name in unifi and instead figure out the lifx dhcp-naming pattern

I have a theory that the hostname differs depending on how the bulb is onboarded, i.e. if you do the HomeKit way or the LIFX way. I have also not found the time or enthusiasm to test this theory, but I suspect that if you onboard via HomeKit, the the dhcp hostname is set to the bulb name in the Home app. If you onboard with LIFX and then add to HomeKit, it’ll use the lifx-xxxx hostname (which is also the mapping the LIFX app uses to see if it’s in HomeKit).

That has been my experience. What is frustrating is that, even with a hardware reset, it cannot be undone.

Correct. This turns out to be a hardware generation/firmware issue, not an onboarding issue.