Hot LIFX+ bulb hot even when off

I decided to move my LIFX+ bulb to another lamp so went to unscrew it to take it out and noticed it was very hot even though it had been off all day. I do not turn the bulb off through a switch but through the app, is this normal for it to be so hot when not on?

My bulbs are always pretty hot if there is power to them. It’s normal. Not sure if it’s nominal, but it’s normal.

That begs another question: I’m curious to know what the estimated lifespan covers: hours illuminated or hours merely powered and unlit?

If a lifx + bulb is set to illuminate IR values it will do this automatically as soon as the visible channels are low enough for the additional heat and power loads.

With the current version of the android and IOS apps you can turn this down and we are working on adding IR support into our scheduling tools.

I’m having this same issue. Bulb does hang upside down in fixture. There is about 3 inches of clearance between bulb and fixture. Even when off bulb is very warm/hot. Is this something that I should be concerned about?

Love the product!


I had this problem to start with but after turning off the IR function the problem went away. Obviously this isn’t Ideal as the point of purchasing the LiFx+ lamps is for the IR functionality otherwise you may as well spend less money on the standard LiFx lamps.

I have my IR disabled on both bulbs and they are still very hot to the touch after being off all day through the app. Seems like the solution would be a smart switch but that half defeats the purpose of a smart bulb… I do not have a heat issue with the lifx Z strip while off and feeling the power supply or control box.
I also have one bulb that will disconnect after some time of being off and i feel like its due to how hot its getting.
Seems like a firmware update to lower the wifi radio power could help with heat generation on bulbs that have good signal strength from the access point.

I too have noticed that my bulbs are warm despite IR disabled and being “off” all day. I would like an explanation for this as well as I have 21 of these around the outside of my house and it MUST be costing me money when I thought they were “off”.

This is also occurring with my LIFX+ bulbs, glad it’s not just me but concerned that this thread hasn’t seen activity in a month.

Just got my bulbs set up and noticed they were scorching hot even when off. I ran through this post and disabled the IR and it seemed to work. The bulbs were cool-ish even when on (about 25% brightness) and suddenly all that changed. I made not changes or turned on the bulbs all day but when I asked google to turn them on for the first time tonight they didn’t come on. i checked the bulbs and they were HOT. I verified in the app the IR was still disabled. I reset the bulbs but still no change. They are too HOT and have even been cutting off intermittently during use, I assume due to heat.

A little help here? Awesome product, but this concerns me.

Is there an update to this issue? this is a worrisome issue for me and causes my lights to overheat when I do turn them on.

I am using LIFX+ (A19) v2.69. If the bulb is turned off from the main switch (not from the app but by cutting electricity) then after you turn on the light and turn it off from the app. it keeps on getting hot. To avoid this you need to reset the bulb to factory setting and pair it with your app.

I tried it several times.

I am not observing this behavior anymore. Anyone else (with fully updated bulbs) seeing the heat issue?

LIFX Support helped me resolve the issue with the following solution:

The LIFX+ is hot to the touch when off because even though it appears off via the APP it still is emitting IR light which produces heat. If you are not using cameras you can disable the Infrared illumination in the bulbs settings.

This link will show you how to turn off IR: