How are LIFX bulbs color calibrated?


I have noticed that with identical settings my bulbs ends up with quite different colors.

How are LIFX bulbs color calibrated? And/or how can I calibrate them?


Currently the bulbs are calibrated in the firmware. This is because each bulbs LEDs should closely match with a fine tolerance, but the different products have different brand LEDs.

What differences are you noticing? Is it between different products or different bulbs of the same product? If its the former then we may need to look into the calibration code, and if its the latter you might have a faulty bulb.

I’ve also noticed a very definite difference in colour temperature between the original and the new colour 1000. When you have the two different bulbs in the same room on neutral warm for example, it’s quite distracting that they aren’t the same temperature.

I started with the original and was impressed with the whites that I ordered a further 2 of new Colour 1000’s. I’m now tempted to return them and hope I can find some of the original in stock somewhere unless you can get the temperatures closer by tweaking the calibration code.