How can I flash my LIFX Z strip for two minutes or 100 times?

I work for a security services organisation and we would like to set up:

  • functionality with our LIFX Z lighting strips to make a group of lights gently blink red on and off for a number of times.

This functionality indicates we (in the office) need to respond to an emergency raised.

Essentially, I have tried doing this with the HTTP API for both pulse and breathe effects but I cannot seem to get the lights to flash more than twice before the effect seems to stop prematurely.

Is anyone able to help by posting a working example of lights blinking/pulsing/breathing constantly for 2 minutes or 100 times?

All help is welcome.

Are you setting the period and cycles parameters in your calls to the breathe endpoint? Try to include all of the parameters and then drop them one by one until you find what is causing the issue.

Using the HTTP API for this is going to be a bit of a traffic hogger, and not particularly appropriate. Can you use the LAN API? If so then just blast out state commands over the LAN.

I’ve created a disco algorithm for 35 lights I have in my house. What I had to do was toggle brightness which allowed me to get them to flash for millisecond durations. if you’re using the LAN API try sending packets to toggle the brightness between 0 and 100 with the bulb in the on state.

I use IFTTT and it works.