How can I prevent Day&Dusk from automatically turning on?

IMO scheduling and color temperature are two different functions, so I don’t know why they’re lumped together in the app. Nevertheless, my lights come on at 7am (the alarm setting) whether I like it or not. (I don’t)


You are able to switch off different Day & Dusk schedules if you don’t need them, as well as being able to switch of Day & Dusk entirely.

To switch off a particular part (e.g. “Wake Up”), just click the icon (the alarm clock in the circle) and that schedule will dim; and there’s a toggle to switch it off completely at the top.

If you need finer control over schedules than is provided by Day & Dusk, you can create a schedule yourself.

Thanks nick. Is “Wake Up” the only part of the Day & Dusk routine that turns on a light?

I have these lights set to turn on with a motion sensor only. I need no further scheduling of on/off - ie: I’m only interested in the color temperature curve.


Any segment of the Day & Dusk scheduling will turn the lights on, if the previous segment was turned off.

What motion sensor are you using to control the lights?

I thought this was the intended function of the dawn/dusk schedule and was confused when the light kept turnign itself on.
I thought it was meant to adjust tempreature throughout the day but not change the state of the bulb ie. on/off


I agree that it must be possible to change the temperature and brightness only. In fact I am surprised this is not the default implementation.


Agreed. If we want to create an on/off schedule, we can do so by clicking “New Schedule” in the app. Lumping it in the Day & Dusk settings is redundant and confusing.


I imagined that’s what the “change on” thingy in the lower left corner is for. If it’s not, I’ve no idea what it does…

I see you removed any indication what temperature and brightness each segment has. A bit of a cover-up?

@dymas the temperature and brightness values are displayed on the control screen for each segment. If you click on the label which displays the time it will take you there. The next version of the app, which will be entering beta soon, has the ability to customise kelvin and brightness for each segment.

The “change on” option allows you to configure which days of the week you want the Day & Dusk automation to run on.

You mean this? It used be there but isn’t anymore.

But what does “Repeat” (lower right corner) do then?

Edit: ahhhhh… Now I see. It acts as a single button. Just a very wide one that looks like two separate ones with separate labels…

@dymas oh it must have been removed from that version. It has been restored in the version that will be available soon.

I agree with the above posts. I was under the impression that the Day&Dusk feature would only change the default temperature and brightness.

That way turn on/off can be done via a smart button or automated using IFTTT / Stringify (Or potentially the real power switch).

Are there any plans to modify how this feature works?


Commenting on this for agreement w/ @Jackie.

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Is this [edit: auto on/off] behavior still uncontrollable?

I was thinking of fitting several rooms in my folks’ new home with Lifx (mostly Day & Dusk) this Xmas, but the behavior described here would drive them up a wall. :confused:

@tinkerng This feature has always been controllable, you need to switch it on for the lights you want to use it on. It doesn’t come on by default, despite this automation feature and the Mini Day Dusk sharing the same name.

@markh I can see @tinkerng has updated their post as your reply seems to answer the question about the whole function of Day&Dusk rather than the function of Day&Dusk turning the lights on and off at each segment change.

The theme of this thread is about the unexpected and unpleasant behaviour of Day&Dusk turning the lights on and/or off at each segment. I signed up to this forum specifically to comment on this issue… I installed the lights last night and set Day&Dusk on and all was good. I went to bed and turned the lights off. Come 6am the next day, they turns themselves on again.

I think what people want (and this is definitely what I want) is the ability to have the lights use a specific temperature and brightness during the periods in Day&Dusk but not actually turn the light on or off. So if the light is off all day and you then turn it on at 8pm it would turn on with the “Evening” temperature and brightness.

I think what could solve this is the ability to also configure the light state in each segment. So as well as brightness and temperature you could set it to “turn on”, “turn off”, “no change”.


I just looked into this and it seems creating a schedule let’s me do exactly what I want - change the white colour and brightness (or just the white colour) at certain times in the day, but not turn the light on or off. This is perfect. I tested it with Red and Blue colours and as expected the light did not turn on but when I turned it on myself it assumed the colour I wanted it to based on the time

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