How can I recognise between products (Color 1000)

Hello all, how do you tell the differences between the generations of the colour 1000 models? I think I have a gen 2 but how can I tell?

I want to know because I’m looking at getting the HomeKit support and I want to help clients to determine between the models easily.


The first generation was bigger:


How do I see the difference between generation 2 & 3 though?

The easiest way to tell is the packaging. If it came in a square blue box it’s a gen 2. If it came in a white cyclinder it’s a gen 3.


And after the fact?

Like if someone handed one to me and I just looked at it, as far as I can tell it’s just the gen 3 doesn’t have the writing on it…?

YThe gen 2 says colour 1000 on the bulb itself under the LIFX logo (also it’s a darker stone white colour bulb casing) the gen 3 only has a logo and does NOT say colour 1000 under the logo (its casing is a pure white colour ).

The gen 2 also has a venting ring between the screw fitting and the bulb. The gen 3 is sealed all the way up.

The confirming factor for it being a gen 3 bulb is that they say 1100LM just above the screw fitting. The gen 3 bulbs output 1100 lumens where as the gen 2 output 1055 lumens

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